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The Science of Recruiting

Competitive Intelligence

  1. Recruiting Research
  2. Competitive Intelligence
  3. Talent Planning

Recruiting Research

Research-led headhunting concentrates on finding and generating interest from qualified candidates. It allows clients too proactively and systematically target people who will possess the skills, experience and personal qualities required, reaching and generating the maximum number of candidates in the market. Once interested, candidates are telephone screened against the brief and the shortlist is presented to the client for interview. This approach confirms that all the relevant people have been approached and that the best shortlist is presented for interview. Moreover, the shortlist of candidates are benchmarked against the market as well as each other, and presented in shorter timescales than traditional search and for less cost than traditional search.

ALPHA-ESA’s Search service is ideal when you need to:

  • Recruit at executive or senior level in a cost compelling and effective way
  • Search in areas of skills shortage and for niche positions
  • Gather market intelligence while recruiting
  • Utilize a flexible recruitment method to accommodate internal benchmarking or initial fact finding
  • Undertake multiple hires of similarly skilled people
  • Undertake proactive or ‘ahead of the curve’ recruitment

ALPHA-ESP is the world’s premier clinical and science independent Executive Research Company operating internationally. We regularly handle Executive Research related assignments, working at boardroom, senior executive and middle management levels in North America and Europe, and salaries generally range from $75,000 to $500,000+.

Our teams of researchers are highly skilled and possess in-depth sector knowledge, most with direct industry experience. These researchers are supported by the Knowledge and Information team, together with our unique database of over 1.1 million companies, individuals and further information sources.

ALPHA-ESP works with organizations of all shapes and sizes to help them achieve their diversity aims, through market research and effective executive research.

Often our clients are keen to obtain shortlists that reflect diversity and although ultimately the hire is based on ability for the role, our research has enabled them to have a cross section of diverse candidates that they had previously been unable to source thorough advertising or traditional search networks.

We can undertake research to understand how best to reach and engage with people from a broader community by undertaking research into levels of awareness, perceptions and motivation. This can be used in any onward recruitment and internal communications.

Additionally we can offer services such as Psychometric Profiling and Candidate Referencing to complement the selection process.

In addition to pure headhunting, we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver a number of related services. Examples include:

  • Salary surveys
  • Brand awareness
  • Competitor intelligence
  • Market intelligence
  • Rolling recruitment programs

For further information about our Search Services, please contact Bronson Crouch, President of ALPHA-ESP.

If you would like to submit your CV for consideration on any client assignments, please click here. practice specialization:

  • Biopharmaceutical /Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical Devices
  • Clinical Research Organizations
  • Diagnostics
  • Venture Capital
  • Consultancies
  • Service Companies

With backgrounds as scientists, research and regulatory professionals, our experienced team’s combined skills ensure that we have a detailed understanding of technical and commercial roles and the market sectors in which we are involved.

The practice handles over 200 assignments on a global basis each year, working across all functions and levels. Examples include:

  • Vice President, Neuroscience Development – CRO
  • VP Oncology – Biotech
  • EVP Clinical & Regulatory Affairs – Pharmaceutical
  • Chief Executive Officer – Biotech
  • General Manager – Contract Biotech Manufacturing Organization
  • Director of Technology Assessment – Medical Device

Competitive Intelligence

In addition to pure head hunting, ALPHA-ESP also provides competitive intelligence services. Examples include:

  • Market mapping and lead generation for a pharmaceutical manufacturing company wishing to lease a manufacturing plant
  • Sales and marketing structure mapping of key competitors to identify potential talent on behalf of major pharmaceutical company
  • Talent mapping, salary survey and competitor intelligence within New Product R&D in key medical device companies in Europe and the US, to aid succession planning
  • Market mapping and lead generation for a structural informatics company seeking to break into a new sector


At ALPHA-ESP, we partner, truly partner, with each client to help maximize their investment in Competitive Intelligence, Sourcing and Recruiting Human Capital.

Our professionals, with their many decades of combined relevant work experience, provide you with the mission critical information that you need to make decisions and focus on the growth of your company.

ALPHA-ESP believes that business decisions should not be made on instinct or intuition, but on information that has been gathered and analyzed – Analyzed from your point of view.


Competitive advantage has a lot to do with leveraging the knowledge assets of the firm, while at the same time determining how competitors are likely to leverage theirs.

Companies and industries prosper through improvements in competitiveness, leveraging core competencies, and competitive intelligence is at the core of the objective of improving competitive advantage.

Most of the value-add in companies is created by knowledge-based service activities such as research and development, marketing research, product design, customer service, advertising, or distribution.

Winning firms are organizations that most successfully master the business issues critical to their performance, and develop the most precise understanding of definitions of value and creation of value.


  • A few of the questions firms ask themselves when implementing a CI program:
  • How do we most usefully define the company’s mission, its strategic intentions, its objectives and its strategic choices?
  • What do we need to know to develop and to select strategies which are not only successful, but sustainable?
  • What new products should we build and which markets should we enter and how?
  • How do we implement our competitive strategy?


We conduct original research and name generation; we execute full candidate development exercises and we collect competitive intelligence for our clients…..including 6 of the 10 largest pharmaceutical companies.

ALPHA-ESP Delivers: We ‘listen’ to your needs and effectively grasp your requirements. We are flexible enough to customize our services to your exact needs and ensure the information’s ‘value-add’. We produce a product that consistently meets and frequently exceeds our client’s expectations.

For further information about our Recruiting Research and Competitive Intelligence, please contact Bronson Crouch, President of ALPHA-ESP.


Talent Planning – Is the right candidate out there?

Even companies with the best brands sometimes need to go out and locate the people they want in their business. Once you have found them, you might need to better understand them, and the reasons they might come to work for you. Finally, you’ll need to secure these people for specific vacancies, or future needs.


Knowing the existing and potential talent in your marketplace is essential to ensure you attract the best talent and overcome difficulties in effectively resourcing key roles. We will work with you to understand the skills, experience and qualities of the marketing people you want to hire. Through the ALPHA-ESP business intelligence and executive search team we will locate the people you need.

Once the talent map is known it can be used to learn more about your ideal candidates to help attract the best talent; to identify which of these people (or others) are ‘best-in-class’ talent through confidential sourcing and networking. With contact made, recruitment for current and future opportunities will be simpler and provide more of the right kind of people, who will join (and stay) with you.


Once a talent pool is identified, we will engage with your candidates to build a detailed profile of the kinds of applicants interested in working with you. That means more than knowing where they are, and how much they are paid. It means knowing the motivations and requirements of the talent that you want.

The talent pool and candidate profiling can be used in ongoing recruitment strategies as it is based on the unique strengths of your company, helping you to understand the reasons why different groups would want to come and work with Client name and potential methods of attraction.


While indicating the most effective ways to recruit and engage people, the talent landscape will also show you how to focus the message to create greater resonance with target groups through media campaigns and direct headhunting. By understanding the motivations and priorities of valuable candidates with scarce skills, you will have a distinct edge over your competitors and other employers vying for the few truly qualified people.